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How can I pay?

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express.  Online, your credit card will be processed through PayPal, one of the internet’s leading and most trusted payment systems.  PayPal is used by thousands of companies including eBay, and many other large companies you probably have also used.  As we make an effort to go green, purchases made in person with cash or credit cards will also be processed online and your receipt will be emailed (or texted if you prefer) to you, in the same manner as you online purchases.  Paper receipts are only available upon request.

What if I don’t have a PayPal account?

While having a PayPal account is easy and convenient for all your online purchases, it is not necessary to have an account to complete your purchase.  Once you have finished adding items to your cart and have begun the checkout process, you will arrive at a PayPal page containing your shopping cart list of items as well as the option to log in or to continue as a guest.  Click the link at the lower right of the screen that says “I Don’t have a PayPal  account: Continue as a guest” and you will be directed to input your credit card information from there.  If you feel uncomfortable making a purchase online, you can call in and place your order over the phone.

Has my purchase been received?

Greyt Gear by MJ and Greyt Outdoors operates our business functions through PayPal.  After check out you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal with a receipt number or Transaction ID (depending on method of payment).  This is the same email we receive in our online system and our sales email address.  If you receive this confirmation, your order has been received.  You are always welcome to inquire about the order status; however, the general turn around times are posted on the front page of the website and are usually fairly accurate.  You will also receive an additional email from PayPal with a shipping tracking number once your outfit has been packaged for shipment.

How do I measure my greyhound?

For most purchases, this step will be unnecessary.  We produce four standard sizes for our fleeces, jackets, and rain coats.  Smalls generally fit most retired hounds that are less than 55 lbs with a length of 24-25” and girth of 28-29”.  Mediums fit greyhounds between 55-70 lbs with a length of 26-27” and a girth of 30-31”.  Larges are for hounds 70 lbs and up to 85 lbs with a length of 28-29” and a girth of 31-32”.  X-larges fit hounds larger than 85 lbs with a length of 30-31” and a girth of 32-34”.  Greyhounds vests come in just two standard sizes, smalls for less than 70 lbs and larges for 70 lbs and greater.  Custom sizes are available for your special hound. We will need to have two measurements taken (in inches).  The first measurement is from between the shoulder blades to the start of your hound’s tail.  The second measurement is the girth around the widest part of your hound’s chest.  Both measurements are shown in the picture below.

How long will it take to receive my purchase?

Times may vary by time of year and type of purchase and time of year.  Orders are hand made in the order they are received (note that customers selecting priority shipping will be moved up earlier in the sequence of manufacturing). Fleeces not in inventory take about 1 week turn around time during the low sales period (May-August).  November through January  is our busiest time, and may take 4+ weeks, please check news on the main page for expected turn around times.  Once items are sewn and mailed, standard shipping is 3-7 business days and priority shipping is 2-3 business days.  You will receive a tracking number from PayPal in your email once your purchase has been shipped.  Be sure to check the main page for seasonal updates regarding time for orders to be shipped. All items requiring embroidery will take 4+ weeks no matter what time of the year it is ordered (this includes greyhound donation vests).

How do I choose between rain coats, fleeces and winter coats?

Obviously you may have a variety of reasons for picking a flannel, fleece, or a coat, but here is a general idea of why you might choose one over the other.  Flannel jackets and Pjs are generally just to keep your hound warm around the house if you like to keep it cool.  Often they are merely to dress up your hound.  Spring fleeces and Designer fleeces are for chilly times when you might want a jacket or fleece yourself.  General rule of thumb is somewhere around the 30s-50s.  For anything below 30 you will need a winter coat or winter fleece.  Note that rain coats can be combined with fleeces to provide the same warmth as the winter coats if necessary.  For additional warmth, consider adding a second layer of fleece to your outfit.  The Poncho Villa collection of rain coats are made for warm weather wear.  If you are seeking a rain coat for cold weather, you can either add a spring fleece underneath your poncho or slicker, or consider our Greyt Outdoors Softshell Raincoats.  Additionally both winter coats also are waterproof and will keep your hound warm in the winter.

How do I wash my coat or fleece?

For fleeces, rain coats, and winter coats: machine wash cold and tumble dry on low  and remove promptly, or line dry.  Fabric softener is NOT recommended for use on rain coats or winter coats.  Do NOT bleach or dry clean your coats.  Greyhound vests and flannel jackets should be machine washed cold and line dried.  We suggest fastening all Velcro together before washing to protect the Velcro from wear and avoid catching and damaging softer fabrics such as fleece or mesh.  All outfits after mid-2013 will have care labels in the coat.

Do you ship Internationally?

We do not ship internationally at the present time due to export costs.  

What is the return policy?

Item(s) can be returned for refund within ten business days (tracking number will be required for proof of shipment).  Before returning an item, please contact customer service to receive a return ID#. Item(s) returned will only be accepted in resalable condition (no dog hair, tears, stains, signs of wear or washing).  Refunds will be issued in the form of a check or via PayPal depending on the method of original payment.  We do not accept the return of customized items for refund (this includes custom sizes that are not one of our standard four sizes).  If your custom size does not fit, we will work with you to make any necessary corrections and if necessary completely replace the coat.

Custom sizes and colors?

Yes, we do on occasion receive requests to do outfits for other dogs.  The three measurements you will need: The first two are the same as used for winter coat measurements (refer to diagram at the top of the page) 1) Widest girth and 2) Length from shoulder blades to top of the tail.  3)The last measurement is the width across the chest (shoulder to shoulder). When submitting these measurements, it is also recommended you send picture of your pet (If other than greyhound) for us to have a good idea of your dogs proportions.  (No pictures will be retained or used for anything other than gauging your dogs sizing without your express permission). We also  offer custom colors and color combinations.  If you find that you want something not offered in our traditional you may select Custom Color or Custom Size from the drop down menu on your purchase.  Upon completion of the check out, include the receipt number or transaction ID from your PayPal confirmation in an email to with detailed information about the custom sizes and color requests.